Autumnal attack – dealing with dry skin.

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all fab, I have just started my third and final year of university, very exciting but also scary, where have the past three years gone?!.

Autumn is here, leaves are falling off the tree’s, in all shapes and size. I actually need to look at the weather report to decide my wardrobe choices (getting serious).

I love Autumn. A new season is always welcomed by me, I like to mix things up, from my wardrobe to my meals. Suffering from a skin problem such as eczema in colder seasons is not so fun. The cold happily attacks my skin, leaving it dry, irritated and cracked. The type of eczema I have (Pompholyx) leave blisters on my fingers and palms of my hands, meaning I have to be extra careful. My skin cannot survive Autumn or Winter without my help. Even if you don’t have skin problems, skin can still suffer in the cold months,

So here are my tips for looking after your skin;



  • Gloves– One way to stop the cold affecting your skin is to not let it have the chance. Luckily during Autumn and winter you can layer up without anyone battering an eyelid. For my hands I use gloves. I know gloves can be a bit of a pain, but your hands will thank you. There are plenty of fashionable gloves out there on the high street, from fingerless to mittens.


  • Cream – I have to be careful what I put on my skin, I am prescribed steroid cream to help with my skin, but I can’t use it too much because it can thin the skin. I advise you to find a moisturiser that doesn’t irritate your skin, one that is light and comes in a small portable tube to have at all times.


  • Avoid  – The pores in our skin open with heat, but this leaves the pores exposed to damage and can dry them. So when you wash your hands, it is worth taking action. This can be from wearing gloves to wash and clean, using anti-bac gel to wash your hands less with soap and water, and to possibly even cold rinse them after doing the washing up. Along with keeping them moisturised., this will help them a lot.




  • Lip balm – Using lip balm will save your lips in winter. Not only will it protect them, but also moisturise them. I use Vaseline, which is petroleum based.


  • Avoid licking them – This may sounds like a silly tip, but remember what I said about heat and pores? licking your lips dries them out and leaves them open to the harsh cold. Hard to kick this habit? Just remember no one likes to kiss dry lip!




  • Face mask – Your skin loses a lot of moisture during the winter. Some products used can make it worse if they don’t suit your skin type or you are prone to dry skin. Lush (My favourite) have a couple of face masks that are designed for dry skin and to add that extra moisture back in. ‘BB seaweed’ and ‘Oatfix’ are especially designed for dry skin with their thick texture.


  • Daily care – It is important to have a daily routine for your face. This can mean face wash, to cleanser, to moisturiser. I usually do this at the start of the day so I feel prepared.


I hope some of these tips have helped, and you stay warm and cosy throughout these cold months ahead.


All my love,

Em x





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