Easy peasy – DIY Egg hair mask.

Hey everyone,

hope you are well! I have been doing retail therapy this week by doing a little charity shop shopping, picked myself up a few goodies for going back to university. Only a few weeks till I move back.

I have heard lots of people rave about the protein qualities in egg that can be used for hair, so I thought I would give it a go. I did some online reading before hand and read that if your hair is prone to getting greasy (which mine is) to avoid using the yolk. So I decided to play it safe and use only the egg white. I mixed it with olive oil, which makes my hair feel amazing, surely this can only be a match made in heaven? I’m going to share with you my method and what I think of it all. Enjoy!



Olive oil – 2 Tbsp

Eggs – 1



Step 1 – Seperation. 

This egg separator helps me to separate the egg yolk from the white, there are other methods though you can find online, like using the shell to do so (unfortunately knowing me, I would mess it up).



Then add the olive oil.



Step 2 – Let the lovers meet

Add the mixture to my hair (over the bath tub of course) I then leave it in anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour.



Step 3 – Wash 

It is advised that if you use egg in your hair, not to use hot water on it for fear of it scrambling (because I only used the egg white and not the yolk, this doesn’t happen – result) so I wash my hair like normal with warm water, then I give it a cold rinse to avoid frizzy hair.



My overall thoughts 

I didn’t think I would ever put egg in my hair, but being open to so many different things has helped me discover the benefits it has for my hair. My hair feels very soft after this mask, and doesn’t smell of egg.

There are claims that it makes your hair grow over night. I haven’t measured my hair before and after, so I cannot contribute to this debate. I feel my hair is softer and has more of a glow to it. Down below I will put a before and after picture so you can decide for yourself.

I believe progress doesn’t happen over night, nor one wash. I will keep applying the masks, and hope it helps my hair to be thick and strong.



Love Em x

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