“Getting back on the horse” – Exercise

Hey guys,

hope you’re all okay.

Things have been quite busy recently, after Croatia I went to Benidorm on my sisters hen-do, my birthday weekend, and this weekend I have Latitude festival. I find that I function best when I am busy, it doesn’t leave me too much time to think (or over think)

I don’t know if I mentioned before but I used to compete in rowing at university, which involved a lot of physical training to stay in shape. I transitioned from rowing to coxing (little person that steers the boat and shouts). I love coxing but it removed the exercise factor, meaning I had to go out my way to exercise.

I have never called myself fat. I think the term fat is often incorrectly used, over used, and used against people. I really hate it. I have put on a little weight, but this is a mixture of metabolism change and my lack of exercise and diet.

I recently wanted to start exercising again, it always makes me feel good, and like I have a bit more control over my life. Getting back into it can be hard. I feel the longer you leave exercising, the worse this ‘exercise fear’ gets.

Today was my first gym session in a  while, and I want to share what I did to help myself get back into it.

I went with a friend.

Going with a friend means you have someone there to support and encourage you, when you are not always feeling like it, they can help motivate you. It is so much nicer exercising with a friend, and it is an excuse see them. I went with my friend Melissa. (Picture below)

I was organised.

I’m the kind of person that needs to be organised, if an event or meeting is not in my phone calendar, then it just won’t happen. Writing down the gym session in my calendar made me feel like it was arranged in my head, which left less room for me to bail.

I was musical. 

I personally can’t exercise without music, it helps distract me and motivate me. I downloaded a gym playlist on spotify beforehand to listen. Some gyms have music playing. but if you don’t like their music then you have your own.

Distract myself. 

I also prepared myself with podcasts to listen to or blog posts to read if I didn’t want to listen to music but wanted distraction.

I had goals. 

I think it is good to have exercise goals. This can include; length of work out, desired weight goal, It is good to have a rough idea in your mind to guide and motivate you. My goal today was to do an hour of exercise, including cardio and some weights.
I was realistic. 

I haven’t been to the gym in a long time, and as much as I have goals in mind, I might not achieve these right away, this stops me from feeling disheartened.

I was mentally prepared.

Exercise can be amazing but I had to mentally prepare myself. I think it is important to want to be healthy and toned but not to see too much importance in it. You need to be happy no matter what you size or shape is.

I made it fun

My friend Melissa should actually have the credit for this. She chose fun exercises for us to do, which took away the serious undertone on exercising and made it feel less like a chore.

I was supported

I follow this personal trainer called Anna Victoria on Instagram, and what I really like about her, is she emphasises the importance of mental health along with physical health, and how we should love ourselves no matter what our size. I think she has a healthy point of view about exercise. She also does exercise videos and gives advice which is really helpful. (Disclaimer: I’m sure there are loads of personal trainers out there that do this, it is just I particularly like her.)


I want you to have fun when exercising. Use it to improve your physical and mental health. Push yourself but also be kind and understanding to yourself.



Have you experienced this problem with getting back into exercise? what do you want to do about it?


Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time,

Love Em x

9 thoughts on ““Getting back on the horse” – Exercise

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    1. Sorry didn’t mean to finish the comment there 😅 I find it really hard to get back into exercising, especially if it means going to the gym after a long break. However, lately I discovered that walking everywhere as much as possible instead of taking a bus and doing the odd bit of hiking (I live in Edinburgh and it basically has a mountain which you can climb in the middle of the city) keeps me fit enough to feel good and doesn’t feel like such a chore 🙂

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      1. I do that all the time (the sentence thing 😂), oh that sounds really cool! I think it is about finding ways that work you and your life style 🙂 I wish I had a mountain close by, Norfolk is short on those. Glad you liked it ☺️

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    1. I totally understand, also it is hard when you feel you should but also kind of don’t want to. But don’t force yourself, try a type of exercise that makes you enjoy it and you get something out of it. A PT session would good for starting out, know where you are currently at and set goals, they are very motivating. I wish you all the best of luck


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