Mentally health

Hey guys!

All my posts so far have been about physical health and beauty, so this week I have decided to speak about something equally important…mental health and beauty!

Physical health can range between healthy and unhealthy, so I feel the same terms can be used to describe mental health, because mental health can fluctaute like physical health. Sometimes I feel mentally healthy, more emotionally stable and content. I can also feel very mentally unhealthy, it consists of me being low in mood, low in self-esteem, emotionally bullying myself and full of self-doubt.

In more recent years there has been an effort made to demolish the stigma against mental health, and I want to contribute by being open about mine.

I have not been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. There are somethings that I cannot understand, simply because I have not been through them, I can only empathise. I hope this post helps both those that have not been diagnosed and those that have. I thought a good place to start would be to share what I do in response to my mental health.

Some things I do when I am feeling mentally unhealthy:

  • Go for a long walk

(I advise if you do this then tell someone you are going and maybe go during the day or when there is daylight)

  • Turn my phone off and get off social media

(maybe let relatives or friends know if you are going to do this for a whole day, just so they don’t worry, you don’t have to explain why, just say you won’t be available for a while. I log out of social media or de-activate it for a while. I can feel a lot of pressure from social media. People only post their ‘best bits’ but this shouldn’t be taken at face value, the important things in life aren’t always on Facebook)

  • Watch a good film

(Probably not Marley and me)

  • Do something that cheers me up

(I like ‘pamper days’ but this could vary, do something selfish, treat yourself to a new item, something just for you, a new book, or a new pair of shoes maybe)

  • Art

(for a couple of years now I have been using colouring as a way to get my mind off things, it helps me to relax, focus and is a really simple technique)

  • Have a cup of tea with a friend, talk about it, don’t talk about it

I am extremely fortunate to have a good support system of both friends and family, but i understand not everyone is so understanding, so if you feel you can’t talk to anyone you know about it, there are online forums, group, helplines where you can be anonymous and talk to someone.

Website / Organisation

Telephone Other info
 The Samaritans 116 123
Support Line 020 8554 9004
Careline 0845 122 8622 Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, 7-10pm
Mind 0845 766 0163 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Rethink 0845 456 0455

or 0207 840 3188
Saneline 0845 767 8000 6 – 11pm daily.  

Offers multilingual support

  • Get organised

(Sometimes feeling out of control can upset me, so getting organised can help me feel better.  Start a bullet journal, clean, do some laundry, go over finances, making a to-do list for the day or week) 

  • Get a hug from someone I love!

(I understand that not everyone is into cuddles, I reserve this for times of need or special occasions, cuddles release oxytocin, it can help reduce blood pressure, can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, and even heart disease!)

  • Get physical 

(Exercise is really good for us, and the great thing is, there are loads of different ways to do is, so it doesn’t seem such a drag, exercise releases lots of hormones, builds up the immune system, can reduce stress, anxiety and generally helps the self-esteem)

  • Love myself 

(When I feel down it usually results in me emotionally beating myself up about it, but I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself. I need to be kind to myself. Mental health is so important, it is important to realise that i’m trying the best I can and that’s okay, so be kind to yourself because it will all be okay in the end, and if isn’t okay, it isn’t the end!)


When I am having a mentally healthy day:

  • Appreciate it! 

(I can get caught up in the bad days, I tend to focus on them instead of the good days, but it is good to take a moment to just look around and appreciate what you have)

  • Capture it!

(I love taking photos, and these don’t always have to be posted on Facebook, along as you know what you have, it doesn’t always matter if others know about it, life isn’t a competition, as long as you are happy that is one of the most important things)


All in all: 

There are loads of different ways to deal with mental health issues that range from diagnosis to a chat with someone, either way you don’t have to go through it alone, and I encourage talking to someone about it, those around you can’t help if they don’t know what is going on.

Find coping methods that suit you, there is a lot of support available, and what ever you like or don’t like, I’m sure there is some methods you can find to help you.

Finally, don’t give up! You get out what you put in, I have to work on this daily and even your worst day only lasts 24 hours!


What methods do you use to keep your mental health in check? let me know!







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