‘Spot what?’ Natural substitutes for acne

Hey guys!

This week I am going to discuss something that has creeped its way back into my life…acne! (acne is when the pores in the skin are clogged due to over production of sebum).

I am in my second year of university (missing first year and the optimism towards my degree) and it has been quite stressful. I noticed my spots flared up again about October time. After feeling sorry for myself and consuming roughly four packets of pop-tarts I decided enough was enough, and I wanted to feel good about myself again, that wasn’t going to happen if people couldn’t see my smile beneath the spots.

I don’t usually use face wash on a daily basis, but I started using ones targeted for spots, these seemed to aggravate my face more and my spots actually starting causing me pain. I gave up.

Recently I have started using essential oils and exploring their health benefits, I wondered if it could help with my spotty situation. Using online resources to figure out what face type I am (combination skin: a mixture of oily and dry skin) and found a recipe suggested for that skin type and spots. I use it daily, wash on with warm water and take it off with cold water (the cold water helps close the pores once you have opened them).

(The pictures below were taken the first day I used it and a week apart)


I genuinely feel better for it. I know there are different methods out there that work for different people. One of my close friends recently changed her diet and cut out carbs, we are both curious creatures so we both have before and after photos and her face clear-up is nearly the same as mine! (Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you go on a diet, but this just demonstrates the different factors that may contribute to your skin health) 


  • Raw honey (1/3 cup) (Naturally anti-bacterial)
  • Castile soap (1/3 cup) (Vegetable based soap)
  • Water (3 Tbs distilled)
  • Lavender oil (3 drops) (Antiseptic and anti-fungal)
  • Tea tree (3 drops) (Healing and anti-inflammatory benefits)
  • Frankincense (3 drops) (Protect skin cells)

So there are different techniques out there and I advise finding one that works for you, but keep going, you’re body is just trying to tell you something and you have to try figure it out, this could be personal hygiene routine, diet or possibly something else.

Have you tried any techniques that have helped with acne? let me know!






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