The wonders of coconut oil for hair

Hey guys!

So last week I wrote a blog post called ‘The ten commandments of hair’ and one of the tips I gave in this was to ‘grease up’ and use oils to help keep your hair strong and healthy, let me elaborate.

I personally use coconut oil (A blessing in a shell). I have been using it for a month now, and the results have amazed me.

I know that hair is estimated grow around half an inch a month maximum, but it isn’t just that my hair has grown, it is thicker and fuller, coconut oil helps fill the hollow follicles of your hair, my hair feels better for it (and I get to smell like I am at the Bahamas and pretend I have a mojito in my hands instead of revision notes).

To the left if a picture I took the day I had my hair cut, and to the right, a month later (yay).



I don’t believe I have a novel approach at applying coconut oil but it works for me, so here is my step-by-step guide on how to use coconut oil.

Step 1: buy!

I bought mine from superdrug for £8.99 (500ml), but you can buy it in most beauty stores, chemists, supermarkets, or even online. They do different variations, for example coconut and argan oil, I personally prefer to just use pure coconut oil but it is up to you!

Step 2: Divide and conquer 

I usually take about 3-4 table spoon scoops (This is what i use for my hair, but trial and error how much you want to use, you want to get good coverage but don’t drown your poor hair in coconut oil, there is such thing as over doing it) into a bowl (one that can be microwaved, we don’t need a greasy explosion on our hands).

Once this has fully melted then carefully remove from microwave and make your way to the bathroom (of course do it where ever you feel most comfortable but I prefer to do it in a bathroom so I can use the mirror to see what I’m doing and contain the mess to the tub).

Step 3: Get tucked in

I usually place the bowl in the bath, bend my head over the tub and take a section of hair at a time to apply. Apply half way up my head and try not submerge the scalp in coconut oil because it can block the pores and this slow down growth.

Step 4: What now? 

Okay, so if you have followed my instructions so far, you’re bent over a bath tub, with coconut infused hair and slightly greasy hands. Well if you have applied to much and it is dripping, then sister you wring that hair out a bit!

I use dry shampoo that is designed for dark hair, so the coconut that drips is usually brown, so be careful not to get it on anything. Hopefully you read this in advance or aren’t to far from a hair band so you can whip it up. Some people put their hair in cling-film or a designated towel, I usually just put it up in a ponytail but that is just me!

Step 5: The dreaded ‘P’ word

Patience! I will either leave my on for a few hours or sleep with in on. If you choose the second option then I suggest some form of protection for your pillows (speaking from previous experience, if you think your hair soaks up the coconut oil, wait till you see how the cotton pillows love it!)


(Tip: I would advise leaving it on for ATLEAST half an hour to an hour, or it may not do that much for your hair).

Step 6: Washhhhhhh

Then wash your hair as usual.

(Tip: make sure you use your shampoo to remove all the coconut oil before conditioning, or it will just be a smooth mess).

One of the things I love about coconut oil is that you can use for so many different things, hair, moisturiser, make-up remover, deodorant etc.

Hope these help, I would also  love to see any progress photos you guys have stored away!






3 thoughts on “The wonders of coconut oil for hair

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  1. I can see the difference! Coconut oil is indeed a blessing in a shell as you put it! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Looking forward to more from you 😉
    Shaunz x

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    1. I have had so many comments on my hair, having healthy growing hair makes such a difference! Thank you for dropping in, it is nice to have a blogging friend 😊 I’ll be keep updated on yours! Em x

      Liked by 1 person

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