The 10 commandments of hair

Hey guys!

I wanted to start the first chapter of my blog with something that I have recently been educating myself on and has become really important to me: Hair growth.

Ever since I was fourteen I experimented with my hair, from both colour and length, sometimes looking great (but most the time wanting to put a bag over my head). Half of this is due to ignorance about techniques, products, and also impatience to change my hair style and reinvent myself (not that easy).

My hair basically ended up going through the mill, but my best and brightest idea was when I first went to university and decided I wanted bright blue hair, for halloween I dressed up as a zombie smurf (I know, super cool) but unfortunately bleaching resulted in the death of my hair (R.I.P). The texture was awful and there was no going back.

Me below with blue hair, you can’t miss me even if you tried!


So I did what any impatient twenty year old would do in that situation, and went straight to the hairdressers to have it all cut off. I had never gone this short in my life, but I didn’t want fried hair anymore, so this was my only option.


Ever since then I have been trying to grow it longer, but not taken this seriously until recent.  There are a few things I recommend to help hair growth and even just to make it feel healthier.

This is my hair now, a year after I got in cut in the picture above, I had to have it cut twice since the original cut, but this is to maintain shape, it can be quite difficult growing hair out that short. 

So I am going to give you some basic tips, and in the upcoming weeks i’m going to expand on these in detail and try show what a difference each can make.

Tip 1. Quality over quantity with hair cuts.

It can be tempting to get a cheaper hair cut because you feel you are getting more for your money, but trust me, it is worth paying more to know you are having a quality hair cut that will last longer between cuts then one that wasn’t worth the money.

Tip 2. Be kind to your hair.

Cut out the chemicals and try train your hair to wash it less.

Tip 3. Go elle-naturelle.

Cut down the amount of heat you subject your hair to.

Tip 4. H20.

Stay hydrated. Hair only gets what you give it.

Tip 5. Ice-Ice baby.

After washing your hair, turn that nozzle into the forbidden zone and give your hair a rinse in cold water, this will help to prevent frizz and seal the hair follicles. (Tip: Stand back and only let your hair go under the cold water, speaking from experience, not nice)

Tip 6. Smile.

Your hair is as happy as you are, stress can be a big factor in hair loss. Find some ways to manage your stress. Try make time for yourself and do the things that please you.

Tip 7. Grease up.

There are lots of different oils and mask out there that your hair will soak up and love you for. I use coconut oil, but there is also olive oil, argan oil, moroccan oil and loads more.

Tip 8. Get that blood flowing.

Head massages are a great way to help blood flow and stimulate hair growth. There are different hair brushes and products that can help this, I usually give myself a head massage when I put the coconut oil in my hair.

Tip 9. Run and don’t look back.

Exercise is great for both your body and mind. Taking care of your body will help you feel better and do wonders for your hair. It helps release hormones and makes you feel good. Of course this can be any form of exercise, what ever suits you.

Tip 10. Keep your hands to yourself!

I am very guilty of this, before I know it I am running my hand through my hair or touching my face. BIG no no. A good way to help reduce your hair getting greasy faster is to avoid putting it on yourself, find something to hold or sit on your hands if you have to! (Tip: If I can’t resist the urge to touch my face I try use the back of my hand instead of the palm or finger tips directly)

I hope these help, remember i will be expanding on these in future blogs. Let me know what you think!









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