Hello all!

My name is Emma, I’m 21 years old and studying Psychology at university. Welcome to my page! I’m the new kid on the block.

Probably wondering how I ended up on your screens? well let me tell you. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed by doctors to have a type of eczema (Pompholyx) on my hands, and this means that I have to be careful using soap and other products on my skin.

In a way this was a blessing because it made me aware of what I was putting on my skin and made me curious about the other more natural products out there. This is also got me interested in switching the other products I use for more natural ones, and then slowly changing these and exploring what is out there, and i wanted to share it with you guys and hear about others experiences in this because i know it is becoming more common.

This brings me onto my blog name ‘100PercentEm’… well my name is Emma (give away) and what I aim to do is to explore more natural products and to avoid using chemicals, I believe you get what you give, so it is important to look after our bodies and minds.

I have some exciting things planed, I have recently started the ‘no-poo’ method for hair (no shampoo for those with wild imaginations) and also been trying other techniques for hair growth that I want to share, I am also looking at home-made remedies with essentials oils (my favourite), and possibly looking at natural make-up, but baby steps first!

As I test these products out i will try to do before and after photos because I believe the proof is in the pudding! of course everyone has different body types, but I would love to see any before and after photos you have of any techniques you have tried, so please share!

I look forward to seeing what you all think!


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